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`Alpha Puli` is a one gizmo solution to make sure the alpha you generated works well with the image using all the setups I could find to check if the alpha channel fits.

This node must NOT be used in your script in a way that it would affect the outcome.

It`s main purpose to check your work!

Let`s see how you can use it:


CHECKER / Mode / Overlay

With the `Overlay` selected you have different colors you can choose from that fills your alpha. 


CHECKER / Overlay 

These are the color options can be selected as overlay IF the OVER is on `Overlay`.


CHECKER / Color Mix

Here you can adjust the level of mix of the selected overlay color IF the OVER is on `Overlay`.


CHECKER / Mode / Grey, Black, White, Checkerboard

With the `Overlap` selected you have different colors and the checkerboard, you can choose from to check your premultiplied area on. 


CHECKER / Box size 

Here you can adjust the size of the checkerboard`s boxes when the mode/checkerboard is selected.



Here you can find different options to adjust your RGB information in order to see edges better that are might be too blurry or too similar to the background. 


CHECKER / Adjust alpha / Checker

Here you can do final checks on your alpha to make sure you don`t leave holes on it or rogue alpha patches. As it only adjusts the alpha channel you can view it in different modes you select above.


Check high values


Check low values

CHECKER / Adjust alpha / Show illegal values ( a<0, 1<a)

Here you get highlighted the alpha values that are lower than 0 or higher than 1. 


Show illegal values ( a<0, 1<a)


QC / Contact Sheet View 

Allows you to turn on the Contact Sheet View and view your RGBA in different setups.


QC / Labels

Allows you turn on/off the labels for the windows.  

QC / Label Scale

Allows you to adjust the scale of the labels.


QC / Background Color 

Allows you to change the background color for 'High Values' and 'Low Values'.



QC / Overlay Color 

Allows you to change the overlay color for 'Outline', 'Overlay' and 'Overlay Invert'


QC / Overlay Mix

Allows you to change the mix of the overlay color for  'Outline', 'Overlay' and 'Overlay Invert'


QC / Sheet Resolution​

Allows you to change the overall image resolution of the contact sheet.​


'Contact Sheet View' turned on


This setup is a simplified script of a recommended 

way of how to use 'Alpha Puli'.

Hope you will find it useful! 


Here's the GitHub link ( just select the text and copy to Nuke )


Huge thanks for the following artists for helping me testing and developing the gizmo:

Jose Alberto PinoTom MorteletteJoanna BarcikowskaTord Tonnesen


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