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The School of Gizmo

What is a Gizmo anyway?

Very simply a gizmo in Nuke is a group of nodes bundled together.

These bundled nodes should(!) make a work more efficient and the scripts more organised.

There are thousands of gizmos available on the internet, most of them on Nukepedia.

Gizmos are very easy to made in Nuke, therefore there are so many of them.
Not all of them are equally useful or made with a same care, same are actually broken.

The best collection of useful nodes so far is Tony Lyons' Nuke Survival Tool Kit.

Most compositors have their own prefered tools to handle certain tasks.

Best way ( that I am aware of ) to keep these tools organised is to have them on a GitHub reposatory.

This is my public .nuke where I keep gizmos.

Gizmos are misunderstood parts of Nuke as poorly built ones often cause issues in studios.

It is adviced to work with gizmos where the internal working is known or there is a labelled origin.

Hope you will find it useful! 

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