In this tutorial I put together more of a documentation that

combines information about all available user knobs and how

can you create them in Nuke using Python and the list of which

you can also create manually without using the Script Editor.

There are a few available documentation that are useful on the topic

to most useful is for NDK ( = Native Development Kit ) developers which is in C##.

Here is the recent one for Nuke v12 where the Knobs By ID part got emptied:

Knob Types for v12

The latest one where you could still see a list by their ID

( I suppose it is also kind of a serial number) was for Nuke v6.3:
Knob Types for v6.3

If you are new to making gizmos and wondering why this is might be useful for you,

let's start at the beginning!

You can right click on any node and select the 

'Manage User Knobs...' option.

It will bring up a new window and on the right side you will

have an 'Add' dropdown menu which brings up a list of 

knob types that you can add to your node.

If you click on for example the first option it will bring up a new window.

You need to fill the 'Name' and the 'Label'.

Let's be very creative and call it 'slider' with a name appearing on the node 'Slider'.

After hitting 'Ok' you have a new knob added to your node

on the 'User' tab. Now you can select and 'Edit' the new additions.

If you copy paste your node to any text editor you can also see how this information got

stored with Nuke's syntax. In the curly brackets you find the ID number '7', the name 'slider'

and the label 'Slider.'

Hope you will find it useful! 

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