This is a simple tool made to help you deal with giant scripts and heavy nodes. The idea is that you can use multiple of this node in your script and work on your comp with the lighter version of certain nodes/setups and seeing the result of the heavier versions on the rendered image only. In the meantime it also lets you toggle between the inputs individually or on all the nodes at once. 

Allows you to toggle between input `0` and input `1`.


Switches all the `GM_Render_Switch` node in the script to `0` 


Switches all the `GM_Render_Switch` node in the script to `1` 

Recommended way of using:

How does it work?

Usually when people want to a value to change for rendering the standard approach is the `$gui` expression which is great ( Here`s Ben McEwan`s take on the subject too ). The only problem with that is that it doesn`t work on local render only if you are in the studio and have the luxury to render your script on a render farm. 

Instead of that this node is using a short but very useful python function `nuke.executing()` released for Nuke 11 which turns to True ( =1 ) on local render too. More info Here.

Hope you will find it useful! 


Here's the GitHub link ( just select the text and copy to Nuke )

Huge thanks for giving a heads up about the code for Nicolas Zissimos!

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