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If you are new to Python in Nuke I put together a following list of snippets that can help you remember the basics and to have a toolset for more common tasks for compositors. 

Using python in a script editor is a powerful tool with many possible use.

Python itself is an interpreted, high-level, general-purpose programming language.

For more visit Wikipedia.


If you feel like you are in need of a proper guidance into the world of Python in Nuke the Foundry has a Python Developers Guide.

To make it more efficient for artists to use python in Nuke the Foundry developed `Nuke Python API` (API = Application Programming Interface) which is basically a bunch of specified commands (functions and modules) that Nuke can interpret and execute. You can find HERE.

To make sure your code stays in the script editor I recommend

a following setup for your Preferences:


The save and restore script editor history is usually on by default but it is better to check.

The echo python commands to output window is off by default but I recommend to use it 

as it is a good way to learn what certain commands looks like in python.


In the script editor when you run a code using a button or the Ctrl+Enter shortcut

it runs all the code in the input pane. To keep the code there for later use the best practise 

is to select a code that you want to run.


Other useful snippets

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