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Last time my friend asked me to do a video for her. She's a very talented musician and now there is a clothing brand sponsoring her and the only thing they asked to focus on this everything else is up to me. So there was an effect I wanted to try out for a while which is called time freeze and made with 2 softwares: Boujou and After Effects. It is not a too complicated stuff compare to how cool it's looks like. It's really easy and fast to 3D track the video than just export the camera angles then use it in after effects. As I know the after effects cs6 is able to 3D track, maybe later I'll use it but now it was quicker with Boujou. Btw I learned a lesson - DON'T use it with a handheld camera footage or it will be very shaky like in this video sometimes unfortunately. So next time when I do time freeze only do it with slider.

Check out the page of Ziaflow: Also The Glow: If you'd try out here is a useful tutorial with everything you need to know:

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