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Working for Canary Wharf

Well, I must admit that the big Canary Wharf wasn't just called me if I want to work for them. Things simply not happen like this in real life. A friend of mine Bálint Bolygó who is an extremely talented kinetic artist (don't believe me? - check out ) asked me months ago if I can help his proposal for Canary Wharf. The challenge suited me so we made a nice proposal video:

They luckily liked both aspects - Balint's idea and my video too. He could do his 'Lightwave' project for the Winter Lights and they offered him to have an exhibition at the Canada Square Number One's lobby (this is the biggest skyscraper there). Well they needed then some photos of the exhibition and Balint recommended me for the job (I can't be enough thankful for this to him) because as he said pohotos can't represent well what kinetic art's real thing is. So I was hired to take both photos and videos.

Beside this video as a reference the other result was this unexpected letter that really made my day:

Finally my photos was in a newspaper :) You can check HERE the rest of my photos!

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