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Paper fortune teller

If you are a creative and dealing with client's imagination you must be prepared for everything. It's not a warning, merely an advice. Not because the client is evil - of course they are not - but you better try to understand what they want. Sometimes they have only an idea and you can help to develop that sometimes they have a very clear vision of what tey want. The second option was the situation in this case. I don't mind it because it is still challenging at least technically. So here is the final result:

But it started as something totally different. Because according the first brief it was okay if it just looks like 3D - so it was fine for my - I did what I could with After Effects but I admit that it didn't really brings the feeling of a paper fortune teller:

So I started to develop something in Cinema4D although I warned the client that I'm far not an expert of the software. With some struggle I brought together the first draft:

Even it wasn't perfect it was obviously more 'paper fortine teller-like' than the previous one so we started to working on this one and did some other versions:

And eventually we got the final version (on the top) that they could place on their page:

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