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Escape Studios experience part 01

This is going to be a happy end story fellas :) If you don't know Escape Studios it is because you don't want to be a VFX artist. Escape Studios is a visual effects academy - probably the best in the world. I didn't know that either when I first spotted their ad while I was scrolling down on the facebook posts one day. For some reasons I clicked on that ad which I don't do often, but that's how my journey started. I realized quick that this might be a good chance to get into the film industry which is my goal after all. I had to make a hard decision to can pay the course because the prices aren't low so I wanted to be sure before I put all my saved money on this 'investment' in my future. I contacted them and booked a meeting with one of their recruiters. The meeting was great and absolutely convinced me that this is going to be a right decision. So I applied for 20 weeks part-time Compositing For VFX course.

We had 2 classes a week between 7 and 10pm. Usually, the people came after work so many of us was tired but our tutor Simon did all he could to keep us awake and interested to the magical world of compositing. Well, he succeeded because we always found interesting what he was telling us. The stories about how things are going in the industry were usually the peak of the classes - and yes - there was a lot of 'oh my god' kind of stories. After the 20 weeks course when we became 'escapees' we felt our self ready to put together our showreel to get a job.

There was also some open days where industry professionals had their presentations about how to get a job and what to be prepared for after we gets in. They also told us about a lot of the interesting crazy details about the movies they were working on. One of my favorites was when Paul Franklin visited Escape - if you don't know him and you are a VFX artist then shame on you - he won 2 Oscars for his works on Inception and Interstellar and also a co-founder of one of the

major post houses; Double Negative or as they call it Dneg:

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