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Ducks in the fog

Well, the title may sounds like a terribly cheesy horror show from the 80's but actually this is really describes what I encountered 2 weeks ago. I live with my fiancée at Golders Green and there is a beautiful park near us the Hampstead Heath. When the weather is good on the weekend we usually go out for a nice walk. 2 weeks ago there was a beautiful fog so I got really excited to take some spooky photos. My first destination was the Pergola and the Hill Garden that simply always looks like a decent location for any 'too beautiful to be true' kind of costume dramas and as I suspected

it just looked great:

The real wonder came after this though when we went back through a more natural part of the park. There is a nice little pond which was covered in the morning mist. We discovered there like 40-50 mandarin ducks and mallards. It was truly unbelievable so I took a lot of pictures. I also took some videos though the videos are only handheld as I didn't take any of my equipment. I hope it can give an idea how beautiful it was to witness this greatness of nature.

And if you like these ducks as much as I do here are some more pictures of them:

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