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Testing a plug-in

This post is about 3D Elements which is a very useful After Effects plug-in. When I first saw the reel of this plug-in I was amazed. 3 dimension stuffs in After Effects?! Wao! I wanted to try immediately. Unfortunately I had to wait till yesterday. So I watched some tutorials and started to look for the limits. Well the first thing is I must tell that this plug-in won't make a competition for Maya or 3Ds Max or any other 3D software. But it doesn't even want to be. It is simply a bridge between 2D and 3D animation. And a very good one. If you have some experience already with After Effects it won't be a problem to create something cool very quick at the first time. I finished this test video (at the top) a COUPLE OF HOURS later I started to use. Very fast and easy to use. So high five for Video Copilot! But let's check some more relevant reference of the plug-in:

Oh yes they used it for Star Trek title design too - convincing? BTW J.J. Abrams films so the bunch of Optical Flares are obviously also there.

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